City of Texarkana, Texas budgets for new vehicles

TEXARKANA, Texas - The City of Texarkana, Texas is moving ahead with vehicle upgrades.

After 10 years of investing, their budget is large enough to keep their fleet in tip top shape.

The city has an inventory of about 130 vehicles.

City officials say they established a fund to ensure all employees have the tools needed to their job.

Officials have budgeted more than $2 million from the Fleet Replacement Fund in 2020 to maintain or replace city-owned vehicles.

They include police cruisers, fire trucks, heavy equipment and other vehicles used by city employees.

Before the fund was established, each department was responsible for budgeting for new vehicles on a greatest need basis.

City officials say by the time they implemented the fund, many of their vehicles were nearly inoperable.

"We've really seen an impact to our fleet. The vehicles are more reliable, our employees trust them more, they know they can get in their vehicle and do their daily jobs," said Lisa Thompson, City of Texarkana, Texas spokesperson.

The city purchases mostly new vehicles and leases others.

Their plan is to purchase five to seven new vehicles next year.


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