City of Texarkana, Texas could soon allow small homes downtown

TEXARKANA, Texas - The City of Texarkana, Texas could decide Monday night on a zoning ordinance to allow four small homes to be built in the downtown area.

If approved, the zoning change would allow similar construction elsewhere in downtown.

Current zoning only allows for one home in downtown on big empty lots.

The homes planned for West 6th street resemble two bedroom apartments.

Residents will use on-street parking.

The small homes are meant to be owned, not rented.

The new type of zoning district is called Planned Unit Residential.

The classification will be limited to downtown.

City officials say the 1,000 square foot homes will allow residents to be apart of the downtown scene.

"We're seeing a lot of investment downtown for entertainment, restaurants, and shopping. Now we need residents to come down and set up shop and enjoy those amenities," said Lisa Thompson, City of Texarkana, Texas Spokesperson.

"You're not going to have a big yard. It's more efficient homes. A lot of people would say it's something you down-size too," explained Lee Medley, Columbia Property Management.

Columbia Property Management Developer Lee Medley approached the city with the idea to redevelop a block of downtown with four small homes.

In the future, he would like to see even more development, and more small homes built in the downtown area.

If approved, construction could begin by the end of the summer.

The estimated cost for purchasing a smaller home downtown is around or below $120,000.


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