DeKalb ISD approves four day school week

DEKALB, Texas - Some east Texas schools are considering making the switch to a four-day school week.

DeKalb ISD is one of the most recent districts to approve the new schedule. Starting next school year, students will be off on Fridays and teachers will work every other Friday on lesson planning and grading.

The plan is to add 30 minutes to the end of the school day, with a new dismissal time of about 4 p.m. A district survey taken earlier this year revealed that 97% of teachers like the idea of a four-day week, along with 74% of parents and 75% of students.

While Superintendent Chris Galloway believes the schedule change will benefit students feeling overwhelmed, he says what really motivated the change was teacher burnout and difficulty retaining educators.

A poll taken last year of Texas teachers showed that 68% of them were considering leaving the profession completely.

"It will also help them be more focused and effective teachers in the classroom, which should have a positive impact on student achievement," said Galloway.

Extra-curricular activities will stay the same.

The district is also working with the community to develop program options on Fridays for working parents who may need childcare.

Malta ISD and Pewitt CISD also made the decision to go to a four-day week.

New Boston ISD is expected to vote on the issue Thursday.


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