DeKalb ISD prepares for a 4-day school week

DEKALB, Texas - DeKalb ISD is one of nearly 30 schools across Texas heading back to classes this fall with a new four-day school week after approving the change in the spring.

Administrators say the days have been cut back, but the time and quality of education will remain the same.

Nearly 800 students at DeKalb ISD will be attending classes this school year on Monday through Thursday.

Superintendent Chris Galloway says child care options will be available for families who need it. At least one Friday of the month teachers will be on campus for planning and grading.

The four-day work week was implemented to help with the teacher shortage. Galloway believes the new change is already making a big difference.

"Last year, we had eight teachers who were not certified. These are teachers who were going through the certification process, they were brand new to teaching, and they weren't even certified. This year by June, we had filled all of our teaching positions with all certified teachers with the exception of one," said Galloway.

The new schedule will add an hour to the end of the school day, with a new dismissal time of about 4:15 p.m.

All students at DeKalb ISD return to class on Monday.

Several other area districts are also making the move to a four-day school week, including New Boston, Malta, Hubbard and Paul Pewitt.


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