Dogs rescued from abandoned home in Texarkana, Arkansas

TEXARKANA, Ark. - Animal control officers rescue three dogs from an abandoned home in Texarkana, Arkansas.

The dogs were seized from the 200 block of West Street.

Authorities say three pit bulls were chained up with no food or water, and were malnourished.

Animal Services Director Charles Lokey suspects the dogs were being held there for dog fighting, or dog fighting training.

All three of the animals are now under veterinarian care.

"The dogs had not had food in a good while, they were down to eating the vegetation that they could reach. When a dog gets to the point it's chewing on briars its been there for awhile," explained Lokey.

The owner of the animals, whose name has not yet been released, could face felony charges.

Animal control officers say if you ever suspect animal abuse or neglect, contact police or animal control immediately.


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