Fight videos posted online causing concern in Texarkana

TEXARKANA - Some of the clashes are now showing up online, captured by cell phone cameras.

Police say their biggest concern is when these fights break out in public events and when large mobs of people get out of control.

The most recent social media post was of a large brawl at last weekend's "Sparks in the Park" event on the Arkansas-side.

The video has been viewed thousands of times.

Police say there are also several fight videos posted online from the Texas-side.

Texarkana, Texas Officer Shawn Vaughn says from an investigative standpoint the videos provide indisputable proof in court.

Unfortunately, he says the footage also reflects poorly on the community.

Several of the videos show large crowds where officers are outnumbered.

"From an investigative standpoint, after the fact it's pretty easy to know who was involved, but you don't know if anyone has guns or weapons involved," said Vaughn.

"Often times, what we try to do is go in and correct the immediate issue and follow up later with warrants," explained Lt. Zachary White, Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department.

Officers say many times the location of the fight is announced on social media to attract crowds of people.

If those fighting in an online video are identified, police say they could face a number of charges, including inciting a riot, disorderly conduct, battery and criminal mischief.


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