Incorrect values affect vehicle assessments in Miller County

TEXARKANA, Ark. - Thousands of people in Arkansas may have to pay more in personal property taxes after a state error in vehicle values.

Each county was affected differently.

Nearly 16,000 Miller County residents were affected by the incorrect values.

The state told county assessors a few days ago that they had been given incorrect values.

The Miller County Tax Assessor's Office is mailing out about 16,000 correct assessments this week.

The letter will reflect the correct true market values on the vehicles.

The Arkansas Assessment Coordination Department notified them last week that the values it provides to all 75 counties for new and used vehicles and light truck values were incorrect.

State officials say the vehicle values were off by less than 10 percent.

The error means vehicle values will change, resulting in a possible increase in personal property taxes.

"People are thinking they will get this outrageous bill, and that's not the case," explained Kim McCatherine, Miller County Deputy Assessor.

Officials with the Miller County Tax Assessor's Office say their office be responsible paying for the $8,000 in postage to mail out the notices.

The new vehicle values will be on 2019 tax bills that the county collector's office will send out in February.

Payments are due by October 2020.

If a property owner disagrees with their personal property value, they have until next Thursday to appeal that value, and make an appointment with the Board of Equalization.


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