Miller County passes voluntary tax for park and conservation

TEXARKANA, Ark. - Miller County officials are asking taxpayers to help improve an area park, and support the Miller County Conservation District.

So, the Miller County Quorum Court recently passed a voluntary tax of $20.

The plan is similar to other counties across the state that offer residents a chance to voluntarily pay additional taxes to support specific projects.

The Quorum Court recently approved the voluntary assessment from Miller County residents of $20 to be added to the tax statements for the year of 2020.

Taxpayers can choose not to pay.

County leaders have been working since last summer to make improvements to Smith Park.

It's the only park in Miller County.

Members of the Quorum Court say improvements could enhance recreational opportunities and boost the economy.

The Miller County Conservation District, which teaches environmental issues, has been established since the 1940's.

Chairperson Nedra Turney says getting funding for their programs can be challenging.

"If you would volunteer $20 that is going to help the Miller County Conservation District so very much with our ongoing programs, and to be able to look and work for more grants, said Turney.

There are more than 27,000 taxpayers in Miller County.

So, a voluntary fee of just $20 could potentially bring in $540,000 a year.

There's four other areas already on the tax statement where you can pay a voluntary property tax, including animal control, the Bi-State Justice Building, county jail and soil conservation.

Officials say citizens can donate to all of them, just pick one or two, or none of them.


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