New charter school could soon be opening in Hope, Arkansas

HOPE, Ark.- Recent studies show that Arkansas has more traumatized children than any other state.

The Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative is working to change that by applying for a new charter school designed to specifically to help children with trauma have a much brighter future.

The Cooperative has already applied for the "Inspire Academy Charter" school to be located in Hope. The proposed school would serve children who are going through adverse childhood experiences, such as poverty, foster care, or an abusive home life.

For the first year, the school would start with nearly 50 kids in grades kindergarten through third, then eventually expand to all 12 grades.

"At the end of that year, I would hope that we would already have kids that are feeling more successful in schools. Another focus will be with parents because we want to change the home," said Monica Morris, SWAEC assistant director.

"Our workforce would see a difference because the parents are not going to be as stressed. They're not going to be getting called to the school to deal with their child's behavior," said Phoebe Bailey, SWAEC director.

Teachers and staff at the charter school would also be trained on how to deal with children who have been through or are working through trauma in their lives.

The SWAR Education Cooperative could know later this summer whether it's been approved and funded by the state. If approved, the school could open by August 2022.

In addition to grant funding, the co-op says they'll be relying on public and private donations to build or lease a building.


For more information on how you can help support the charter school call 870-777-3076.


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