Police say crime rate trending down in Texarkana, Texas

TEXARKANA, Texas - The statistics are out and crime is down in Texarkana, Texas.

Police said they've been experiencing a downward trend over the last five years.

While police said they're pleased with the results, they said the crime rate doesn't give them the whole picture.

Police said the crime rate can't be controlled by the department, but they can use them on a monthly basis to determine how to best use their resources and where they need to send their officers on patrol.

The statistics for 2019 as compared to 2018 show what they classify as part one crimes, such as, homicides, sexual assault, robbery and theft.

They are down 11% compared to the previous year.

Officer Shawn Vaughn said the clearance rate, or how many cases they solve, helps them to evaluate the police force.

He said every month they make about 350 to 450 arrests.

"Those are cases we're able to clear, so I think that it's a lot better report card or measure in terms of success that our police department is having in our community," Vaughn said.

Right now, the police department's clearance rate is 42%, which is above the national average.

Vaughn said community support is key to their ability to solve crimes.

"We can put it online and usually within minutes someone is calling the police department, saying I know this person. Social media has really opened a whole new realm for us in terms of being able to get the information out into the community," explained Vaughn.

Police say part two crimes including fraud, DWI's and drug offenses decreased by 3% in 2019 compared to 2018.

The police department's crime analyst divides the crimes into the two categories.

The numbers are then submitted to the FBI for its annual report.


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