Police investigate threats at area Walmart stores

Law enforcement officers across the Texarkana region are ramping up patrols in response to recent threats across the nation and here at home.

Authorities say they take any threat seriously.

East Texas authorities say they're taking an active approach to a threat that was made by a former employee of the New Boston Walmart.

Wake Village and Texarkana, Texas Police say they've both been approached by Walmart to increase police presence at area stores.

El Dorado, Arkansas police say their Walmart store has been the target of two separate death threats.

One of the threats was found in a bathroom where someone had written "People die here soon" on one of the stalls.

As a precaution, area officers have increases patrols and urged residents to stay vigilant.

"Safety of their employees and customers is one of the reasons that they had asked us to come up there. Any type of threat that is made, we take very seriously," explained Sgt. Jody Stubbs, Wake Village Police Department.

"What we've done at the police department is increase patrols, we have marked units that are there throughout the day, and we have undercover officers," said Lt. Christopher Lutman, El Dorado, Arkansas Police Department.

Texarkana, Arkansas Police say they've not been asked to provide contract security for Walmart, but their policy is to increase patrols in response to threats.

Following an event, such as El Paso, they say the risk of copycats does increase.

Police say they'll remain alert to help keep the public safe.

So far, no arrests have been concerning the threats in New Boston or El Dorado.

KTBS 3 News has also reached out to Walmart for reaction to the threats, but we have not heard back from the corporate office.


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