Possible historic log cabin discovered in Prescott, Arkansas

PRESCOTT, Ark. - A demolition in Prescott, Arkansas leads to a historic discovery.

A log cabin believed to have been built in the 19th century was found inside a home that was being torn down.

Historians are now working to determine if the log cabin on Greenlawn Street really is a civil wartime structure.

"It was very unique that it was uncovered and preserved the way that it was," said Judy Duke, Nevada County Depot and Museum Director.

Duke says the 18' by 20' cabin was encapsulated by siding and moved to Greenlawn Street in the 1950's.

She believes the cabin was built in the 1860's and was originally located on Miller Hill.

At that time, the land was owned by John Vaughn.

Nevada County Depot and Museum President Paul Ridgell say Vaughn was his great-great grandfather.

Ridgell says the log cabin very well could have stood at the edge of the Prairie D'Ane during battle.

The museum is working with an archeologist to authenticate the structure, but Ridgell believes each piece of wood already tells a story.

"In the 1870's the railroad came through and they brought milled lumber into the country, so it was definitely hand-hewn. It was built before the railroad. He said it was mostly likely here during the civil war," explained Ridgell.

The museum recently received a local donation from the Dr. Michael and Bo Young to purchase the log cabin.

"It's a part of Prescott and Nevada County's history and that's the main thing," said Duke. "We need to preserve our history."

The museum has plans to take the cabin apart, number each piece, treat it, and then reassemble it onto the Prairie D'Ane Battlefield.

Museum officials say the log cabin will sit inside a 3,000 square foot visitor center that they're planning to build on the battlefield in the next couple of years.


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