TEXARKANA, Ark. - Protesters gathered in downtown Texarkana Friday evening to support or oppose the removal of a confederate statue. It was peaceful, but tensions were high and there was shouting at times. Overall, it became a group discussion to understand opposing views.

Protest organizer Bess Gamble-Williams says she and her family want the statue removed. She says it's better suited for being in a museum. 

"My people are involved. Choctow Native Americans fought in the confederacy," Gamble-Williams. "Native Americans fought in the confederacy. African-Americans fought in the confederacy. It don't represent us up there. All I see is a white soldier. And it represents hate at this point."

Texarkana resident Billy Garner says he wants the statue to stay. He says the monument was dedicated as the Confederate Mothers Monument in 1918.

Garner says he's willing to listened to different viewpoints too.

"It's been a fairly peaceful protest, but there are some really intelligent people here with some good ideas," Garner said. "I enjoyed sharing my opinions with them and hearing their opinions."

KTBS 3 has not received an official statement on the possibility of the statue being removed. 


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