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TEXARKANA, Ark. - A Texarkana, Arkansas family wants answers after they say their missing dog was euthanized by the Animal Care and Adoption Center.

The family says they went to pick up their dog Tuesday at the shelter, only to find out that she had already been put to death.

Candis Fricks says her family's 9-year old pit bull, Ellie Mae, got out their fence on Nov.1. 

She says a family member found her last Friday at the Animal Care and Adoption Center, but just a few days later the animal was euthanized.

"I was so excited for her to see me turn the corner, and then she wasn't there," explained Fricks.

She believes the Animal Care and Adoption Center gave her family the run around about the status of their beloved pet.

Her family purchased the red and white Pit bull about 9-years ago.

After several calls, and a confirmation of ownership to the shelter from her vet, Fricks says she was allowed to go out to the kennels to pick up her dog.

"I thought everything was fine, we got the leash, we finished the paper work, she talked to my vet, and then the dog couldn't be found," said Fricks.

Fricks says the shelter director informed her that her dog had been euthanized.

She describes the whole experience as heart-breaking.

"That place has got to be stopped. They've got to have more organization. I feel like if I get my voice out for her and her justice, then I could save someone else's dog," said Fricks.

Animal Care and Adoption Center Director Charles Lokey referred all questions to the city manager's office.

City officials say the incident is currently under administrative review.

According to city code, if the dog's owner is known, the shelter will mail out a certified notice giving the animal's owner five days to retrieve their pet.

If the animal is not picked up, they can either put it up for adoption or have it euthanized.


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