Texarkana family creates foundation to honor son and end senseless violence

TEXARKANA, Texas - Out of a senseless tragedy, a Texarkana family is seeking to make a difference in lives of young people and better the community.

Robert and Laura Klein's youngest son, Jarrod, was murdered nearly three years ago.

The family has since created a foundation aimed at ending violence and saving families from the grief they've endured.

The foundation is called Just Love and Kindness.

Their first fundraiser is a golf tournament on Sept. 19 at the Texarkana Golf Ranch.

It will benefit a local at-risk youth program.

In 2017, Jarrod Klein was found dead behind the wheel of his wrecked pickup.

He had been stabbed multiple times.

Robert Klein doesn't want his son's death to be in vain.

"He's (Jarrod) looking down and we wanted to honor him in a way he would appreciate because he loved golf and he loved this place. It was a perfect fit," explained Klein.

Klein says the mission of their foundation is to stop violence by investing in programs that help young people to make good choices.

"Our thoughts were that so much time, money, and effort is spent after people are broken. Our thought was get to the youth before their broken," said Klein.

Proceeds from the golf tournament will benefit the Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department's PRIDE Academy.

Over the last nine years, the program has helped reduce juvenile crime rates by pairing students with officers, who become their mentors.

The goal is to reach kids before the streets do.

The first annual golf tournament and silent auction will be held on Saturday, Sept. 19 at the Texarkana Golf Ranch.

For more information, go to justloveandkindness.org.


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