Texarkana man alleges he was beaten in jail and denied medical care

TEXARKANA, Texas - A Texarkana man who claims he was severely beaten while in jail is suing officials, saying his medical needs were ignored and it's cost him more than a $1 million in medical bills.

The lawsuit alleges the 41-year old suffered permanent injuries.

William Jones was arrested in July 2018 for a Class "C" Misdemeanor, "Walking in the Roadway."

He was held in the Bi-State Jail, which is run by La Salle Corrections, for two days.

A lawsuit filed by Attorney David Carter alleges Jones had no injuries before being turned over to jail staff.

While incarcerated, Carter says his client was severely beaten and denied treatment.

Upon Jones' release from jail, his sister called an ambulance to meet him at the public entrance of Bi-State.

"She had him immediately taken by ambulance to Wadley Regional Medical Center where he was placed on a ventilator, placed on dialysis, almost died," said Carter.

He says they don't know who beat Jones, but records show nothing was done to address his condition.

The lawsuit names La Salle Corrections, Bowie County, the City of Texarkana, Texas, and other jail nursing staff as defendants.

Carter says the incident at Bi-State has completely changed Jones' life.

"His medical bills exceed $1 million. He has to wear a permanent ostomy bag and is no longer able to work," explained Carter.

In the last few years, Carter says three people from Bowie County have died in the Bi-State Jail.

He's hopeful his client will receive justice and compensation.

"We're also trying to address the bigger problem, why this county continues to have a company that makes a lot of money from incarcerating other humans operate that jail," said Carter.

The case is still pending in federal court.

La Salle has not responded to a request for comment.

The City of Texarkana, Texas and Bowie County have said they will not comment on active litigation.


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