TEXARKANA, Ark. - There's a show of community support in Texarkana, Arkansas after a 15-year veteran officer was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Detective Holly Smith can't return to work, so her friends and family are stepping up to help her and her family.

Smith has had two surgeries in Little Rock, and is undergoing weeks of radiation and chemotherapy.

Kayla Lewis says her sister Holly is a fighter, determined to make a full recovery.

"Some days she has harder days than others, but for the most part she's been very positive. Every day she wants to work on something," said Lewis.

The police department had blue t-shirts printed with Smith's motto taken from Proverbs 3:5.

A law enforcement flag that represents her brothers and sisters in blue is on the back.

Smith's husband, Billy, is also a policeman.

TAPD Officer Kristi Bennett says everyone wears the shirts on Friday.

The shirts are also for sale to the public.

All proceeds go to the Smith family.

"It's going to go to her back and forth travels and staying there. That's all Holly needs to worry about is getting well," said Bennett.

They're hoping to sell 1,000 t-shirts.

"It's been amazing to see not only in law enforcement, but the community support," said Bennett.

DeAnna O'Malley owner of "The Chili Bean" is hosting a yard sale to benefit the Smith family.

On Friday, they raised several hundred dollars in just the first few hours.

O'Malley says they're grateful for the support.

She put out the call and immediately 12 families donated to the yard sale.

"I can't thank the community enough for stepping up to support one of our own. It has been truly overwhelming," said O'Malley.

"It really shows how much people care about them and it means so much to us," said Lewis.

T-shirts supporting Smith are on sale at the police department on the 3rd floor of the Bi-State Justice Building.

Each shirt is $20.

If the weather permits, the yard sale will continue Saturday, July 13th at The Chili Bean on East Broad Street in Texarkana, Arkansas.


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