Texarkana, Texas police officers receive life-saving gear

TEXARKANA, Texas - The Texarkana, Texas Police Department received a donation Monday to help keep their officers safe on the streets.

The department is being fully outfitted with 83 sets of rifle-rated gear.

The Texarkana department is one of ten agencies in Texas to receive gear from SHIELD616 and the ESPN First Responder Bowl.

The gear costs about $2,100 per officer, and includes an armor carrier, soft vest, front and back rifle plates and a helmet.

It costs more than $174,000 to outfit the entire police department.

The gear was provided by a donor from Dallas.

"It allows the officer to wear this rifle resistant armor at all times. There's no need to return to the car they always have it," said Capt. Michael Henry, Texarkana, Texas Police Department.

"It's not just here is Texarkana. It's literally all over Texas. All over the United States. We're going to be doing it every five years to make sure our protectors, our heroes are taken care of while they try to keep us safe," explained Jake Skifstad, SHIELD616 President.

Not only is the gear donated, but it will be replaced every five years at no cost to the department.

Church on the Rock members were on hand when the donated was made and have offered to pray for the officers throughout the year.

SHIELD616 is an organization that outfits police officers with an armor package that prepares them for an active shooter situation.

All officers and deputies to receive the gear in Texas and Oklahoma will be recognized at this year's ESPN First Responder Bowl in Dallas on Dec. 30.


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