Texarkana, Texas proposes plan to replace fire station

TEXARKANA, Texas - Texarkana, Texas firefighters could soon get a new fire house.

City officials are considering a plan to issue $8 million in bonds to pay for two projects - a new bridge and a fire station.

Officials say the move will help cut down on response times, especially on the north side of the city, where overtime the city's population and geography has shifted.

If the council approves the budget on Monday, $6 million will go towards road construction and $2 million for a new fire station.

The plan is to replace Fire Station 3, which is currently located on Richmond Road.

The new station would be built near University Avenue and McKnight Road.

The city would also build a bridge over Wagner Creek to connect portions of Gibson Lane.

Eventually, their future plan is to replace two other older fire stations.

"With this first part of the plan it's going to help with an area we have extended response times to, as we move the other two stations, we'll close those gaps back and have overall good coverage of our city," said Chief Eric Schlotter, Texarkana, Texas Fire Department.

If approved, work on the fire station and bridge will begin this year.

Chief Schlotter say building one station now, and hopefully two more in the future will be easier for the city to fund.

If the city decides eventually to relocate three of their five stations.

There will be two stations on the north side of the city and three on the south side of I-30.


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