Union leaders at Red River Army Depot seek federal funding for new contract

HOOKS, Texas - Union leaders at the Red River Army Depot are working secure federal funding for making modifications to a military vehicle.

Depot employees rebuild High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles or Humvees for the Department of Defense.

The union said the anti-rollover vehicle program would not only protect soldiers, but also help keep jobs at the depot.

The army is requesting $93 million for parts and installation costs at the Army depot.

The National Federation of Federal Employees has organized a letter-writing campaign to raise awareness and support for the issue.

Union representative Jerry McCarty is urging residents in the four states area to contact U.S. senators.

McCarty said without the funding thousands of vehicles and U.S. soldiers will be left without necessary protection.

"We have generations of skilled labor at the depot that is ready to do this job and that can do the job, do it more efficient, more cost efficient, and the bottom line save soldier's lives," said McCarty.

McCarty said Hook's facility is the only base in the world qualified to make the necessary modifications to the humvee.

"There's over 5,000 Humvees that need to get redone because there's been several rollover incidents that have cost lives and cost unnecessary injuries to our soldiers that are training and in combat," explained McCarty.

He said the depot has already done a pilot program and is ready to do the work when it's fully funded.

Union leaders said the federal funds and added workload would also help secure about 100 jobs at the depot.

Nearly 40% of the workforce at the depot are veterans.

Red River Army Depot contributes about $2 billion into the economy, and provides more than 10,000 direct and indirect jobs.


For more information visit the National Federation of Federal Employees Facebook page.


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