dead fish

SHREVEPORT, La. - A Shreveport sewage leak is spilling into several waterways.

Now city officials and residents have to deal with the smelly situation.

Neighbors in the Anderson Island Neighborhood say the smell is so bad they don’t want to spend time outside.

"We were going down Sevier we were like whew. Then I'm like, oh it's gone now, and then I'm like hmm... smells again," said Sheila Caldwell.

Several days ago Sheila Caldwell, and the neighborhood association president were biking in the area when they were hit with the foul odor.

Hundreds of dead fish in Anderson Bayou were to blame.

Caldwell had to find out why they died.

"I called the fisheries department, wildlife and fisheries in Minden. And, they were giving me a different story saying it was oxygen. And I said no this is not oxygen, he said yes it is, I said come and test it," said Caldwell.

She also reached out to the city.

On June 7th, a pipe burst at the Stoner Force Main.

Jeffery Anderson, the Deputy Director of the Shreveport Water and Sewage Department, said that happened because of high water levels on the Red River and the ground shifting.

"As that ground water came up, it destabilized one of our pipes going into one of the major lift stations in town," said Anderson.

Now, two contractors and city workers are trying to fix two active sites because of this one pipe.

And, sewage is being pushed into the Red River.

"It's fairly small amounts relative to the amount that's going through that system,” said Anderson.

Anderson said that's not affecting fish in the Red.

"The sampling that we're taking right at the port of entry into the river versus before we even get south of Jimmy Davis is essentially returned back to the levels that we're taking for a background comparison upstream," said Anderson.

Sewage is also seeping into Bayou Pierre from Ockley Drive South, and Anderson Bayou from Sevier Street Northeast to Clyde Fant Parkway.

Oxygen levels are dropping there.

"We've done everything we can to increase the oxygen level in the water so that we minimize that impact especially to aquatic life," said Anderson.

Caldwell says she doesn't believe the city would have made a Facebook post about the sewage leak if she didn't question them.

"Stop putting a band aid on issues. Fix them for once, just fix them. Dig a whole, get the right material hire the right people. do it once and for all," said Caldwell.

"We're doing at this point as much as we really can we've got several areas that we're really running 24-hour operation on, not just the sites that need repairs. but as you mentioned some of the other impacted areas," said Anderson.

Caldwell said the city needs to put more signs up by water ways to warn fisherman.

Anderson said the pipe could be fixed in 7 to 10 days.

If you notice a sewage overflow call the water and sewer dispatch line at 318-673-7600.


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