For several years unexplained occurrences would happen in "plantation treasures," an antique store on front street in natchitoches that sells everything from jewelry to little nick knacks.

Current owner Tina Rachal says things would fly off the shelves and walls not because people were buying but because -- workers say -- ghosts were flying.

"The occurrences kept occurring. It was beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was absolutely something within the building", says Rachal.

We're told the building used to be owned by a the Hughes family back in the early 1900's .

We don't know why but their daughter died. For some reason the family would always say that their child remained in this building. Decades later, store staff had the same claim and came to realize that if they didn't toss a "good morning'' to the ghost each day or say hello, she would throw a temper tantrum.... and break something, grab your hair and sometimes say your name.

Paranormal investigators Louisiana sprits recently visited the store and named the ghost girl Amelia. Their report says a purse was thrown onto the floor during their visit. At the same time investigators heard a voice say "what is this?" they also found the presence of 2 other female ghosts. Here something else. Take a look at these pictures snapped by customers trying to take a photo of the store's spiral staircase in the back of the store. They would come out distorted or blurred. Workers blame a ghost blocking the shot.

Then came the day the ghosts attacked.

"We had crosses for sale and these crosses started falling even on our sales associates it would hit them in the head."

The attack she called sacrilegious was the last straw. Whether ghosts or demons, Tina said, they had to go. So she and a fellow church member walked through the entire building praying, quoting scripture and exorcising the demons.

The next day and every day afterwards the unexplained occurrences never happened again.


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