SHREVEPORT, La. - Downtown Shreveport continues redeveloping.

Recently the former Arlington Hotel announced it will soon become a distillery. Now the former Commercial National Bank building is open as The Standard. It’s a 72-apartment complex available for rent. 

“The building is 108 years old. It’s older than women’s right to vote and before the Titanic sunk it was around," Wesley Fuller, property manager, said. "It’s pretty neat to have that history here and you get to live in it and have brand new appliances and get to have a modern comfort in a very nice historic building.”

When the Commercial National Bank was built in 1910, it was the first skyscraper built in Shreveport. 

Eventually it became an office building and now, apartments. 

The building's 72 units combines modern luxury with the history of the Shreveport building.

Some touches will keep the building's history in place, like leaving ceiling pieces unfinished or keeping the Commercial National Bank logo on elevator doors.

Liz Swaine, the executive director of Downtown Development Authority, said this is just another building in the area that’s being remodeled.

“We’ve got a building that’s a former car company," Swaine said. "It was the building that the cars were sold out of, and there was a garage and the maintenance facility and that’s going to become an office space for artists with a gallery and a place for new young businesses to grow and spread their wings.”

The Standard is ready for lease. Thirty percent is already being occupied. The apartment complex has its own parking and very soon it will have its own dog park. Also, active duty military members get the free rent for the first month. 


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