The crumbling shell of a building in southeast Caddo Parish on Ellerbe road used to be a fully functional segregated school for black children of all grades back in the 1950's and 60's.  

Legend has it the students there went through some horrible experiences.  There are stories of children disappearing along with a janitor who supposedly molested and abducted some students.  There is also an urban legend about a school fire that killed some students.  These stories are kept alive by the curious who continue to visit the property...they shoot video and blog about their haunting experiences. Some claim to have heard the sounds of children laughter and screaming or the sound of a man making weird sounds.

The building is also rumored to be visited by devil worshipers giving it the nick name satan school!

The building that is known today as Ellerbe Road School was actually called George Washington Carver High.  Carver High opened it's doors in 1957 and closed in 1973.  We were able to obtain pictures of the school from a 1965 yearbook given to us by a former counselor, Mrs. Rubye Jackson. 

The school colors were white and green and their mascot was a Hornet.

To separate fact from fiction about the history of the school,  KTBS relied on local historian, Dr. Cheryl White of LSUS and a former Carver High student.

The former student who wishes to remain nameless said she never heard of children being abducted or molested by a janitor.  She also said she never heard of a school fire at Carver High that burned or killed any students.  Dr. White agrees with the student.

"A pretty good search of news media doesn't turn up anything.  A crime of that magnitude is something that not only would have made the papers, but would have been imprinted on our consciousness in this town.  We would have remembered that," said Dr. White.  

The urban legends about the school seem to have no factual basis, but when it comes to devil worshiping at the school after the school closed...we found some clues that satanic activities continue to this day.

Dr. White gave KTBS 3 news pictures of a wild boar that appears to have been sacrificed in front of the building, but she is not sure if it's actual Satan worshipers or teens having fun.  Dr. White also points out that there are pentagrams and inverted pentagrams painted inside and outside the school, which she says indicates a presence of wiccan, pagan and satanic rituals.  It seems that the urban legend of Satan worshiping happening at the old school is true.

Dr. White says the scariest part about the building is that  it's old and its crumbling.

She says if teens and adults continue to visit the building and go inside someone could get seriously hurt.

The building is private property owned by the Caddo Parish School board and if patrol officers catch you they could take you into custody. 


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