Blanchard home cleanup

A worker with a trackhoe lifts some of the hundreds of wooden pallets that littered the yard of Marty Julian.

BLANCHARD, La. -- Time's up for a man who created what the mayor called "the salvage yard of the south" over a period of more than two years.

Heavy equipment rolled in to remove all the junk that clutters the yard -- front and back -- at the home occupied by Marty Julian on Sand Valley Road and Jo Lacy.

"Get that (bleeping) camera off of me," Julian twice yelled at KTBS 3 News.

"This is under court order," Mayor Jim Galambos explained. He says a Caddo District judge recently ruled the town could enforce its nuisance and junk ordinances.

"The final straw was nothing was being done. They (the Julians) were refusing to come into the town to talk about it," Galambos says of the unsightly problem that kept getting worse.

So the town got bids and gave the job to a private contractor for $9,000 to remove all the junk.

"That money will be billed to the homeowner. The homeowner doesn't pay, we'll put a property lein up against it on property tax," Galambos says.

The junk is mostly wooden pallets. Hundreds and hundreds of wooden pallets stacked all around the property. It appears Julian was starting to build a fence out of them along the back.

As crews filled a dumpster with the pallets and junk, Julian was picking through the yard, trying to save some things before they got hauled off. Meantime, a police officer watched and made sure Julian did not interfere with the cleanup.

Neighbors Robert Adger and Linda Estes say they never thought this day would come.

"It's awesome. I think he needed to clean it up," Adger said.

"We've lost several good neighbors back here on the culdesac over this," Estes says. "We were going to actually think about putting our house up for sale."

It's not known how long this huge job is going to take. Galambos says it could be three days, or longer.

"I'm sorry it came to this point. I'm not surprised at all. We've been working with the homeowner for two years - well, the son for two years. And we've gotten absolutely nowhere," the mayor said.

The elderly homeowner, Charles Julian, once told KTBS that he had no control over what his son, Julian was doing. The mayor says he saw the father this morning.

"The homeowner seemed very pleased that we were going to start it. He has no control. He smiled at us when we said we were going to clean it up," Galambos said.

The problems began in early 2017. That's when we saw Marty Julian using a rented Bobcat to scrape away the grass, turning the lawn to dirt. The sight and sounds stirred up the first complaints to the Town Hall.

Then in February of this year, we saw that Julian was hoarding wooden pallets, along with other junk. The town was already starting to crack down through the court system. But the situation kept getting worse, according to the mayor.

Galambos hopes this is the end of the problems on the property. But he says he's willing to use the courts again to enforce ordinances on the property.


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