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SHREVEPORT, La. - A local group says the confederate monument in front of the Caddo Courthouse is too fragile to move and it would cost nearly a million dollars to do so.

In an email sent to KTBS on Sunday, the United Daughters of the Confederacy say an expert witness says the monument has "many" micro fractures and could possibly shred apart if moved.

Commissioner Lyndon Johnson says the UDC has 90 days from August to remove the monument. That deadline will be right before Thanksgiving.

The commission has allocated $500,000 for the parish to remove it, if that deadline passes, but the UDC says that's not enough.

They say after a study by expert witness, Michael Drummond Davidson, who is the president of the Mississippi Stone Guild, moving the monument will cost $980,000.

"Based upon actions that we've taken, either they have to move it or we will move it," said Johnson. "I think there will be a lot of different statements brought out about trying to move it and why it shouldn't be moved, so that doesn't surprise me."

Johnson says the commission came up with the half million dollars after getting estimates from contractors who removed granite monuments before. That money would be finalized in December.

Johnson says if and when the UDC deadline passes, they'll discuss where the monument will go next.

The UDC is waiting on an appeal from the U.S Supreme Court.


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