Gun on Clyde Fant

This freeze frame of cell phone video shows one suspect pointing a gun upwards from a crowded vehicle on Clyde Fant Parkway Saturday evening.

SHREVEPORT, La. -- At first, it was a near-collision. Then a scary gun incident on a Clyde Fant Parkway was caught on camera, after three cars with guys hanging out of them whipped out onto the roadway in front of oncoming cars.

Antonio Zavarce was driving as his partner began recording video of the three cars, which took up both northbound lanes at slow speed, blocking some traffic. Their video shows a white BMW that was loaded down with young males sitting on the roof and hanging out the windows. There was also a Dodge Charger and a Dodge Challenger with people hanging out of them.

Then Zavarce and his partner saw something they say was fearful -- guns being waved from the BMW. And then they realized a man on the Challenger was recording video of the BMW from the next lane.

"When we see that there's a cameraman on there, it's still not registering," Zavarce explained. "Because I just went from 55 miles an hour to slam on my brakes real quick to 20 miles an hour, to people hanging out the window waving their guns. No one in their right mind is thinking, oh, this is for a music video."

Some on social media theorize that a music video was the reason for the road incident. Others criticize Zavarce and his partner for stoking racism by posting the video of the group of young, black males.

Zavarce, who is from Venezuela, says race is not the issue.

"One of the many comments we've gotten was, well, if this was a bunch of white boys on their lifted pickup trucks waving their rifles, then you wouldn't have just freaked out. And I'm like, are you looking at me right now? What do I look like to you? My brown butt is calling 911 regardless," Zavarce said.

He says police took all of their information, including descriptions of the suspects and vehicles, over the phone shortly after the incident. Shreveport Police say they're searching for the suspects, who could face charges ranging from wreckless driving to aggravated assault.

Zavarce said they feared they were about to witness violent gunfire.

"I'm from a third world country. I've been victim to organized crime. And it looks just like that," he said of the group pointing guns. "I've been a victim of it. Don't behave that way."

A close look at the video, which is about a minute in length, shows one gun being pointed up prominently from the BMW. Then a few seconds up the road, another man sitting to the right on the roof of the car also appears to point a gun. Then several others in and on the car point their guns like fingers toward the cameraman on the Challenger in the next lane.


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