Jalecia Jennings

Jalecia Jennings and her family.

SHREVEPORT, La. -- KTBS-3 News acquired video of a shooting Easter Sunday that claimed the life of a mother of nine children.

While Shreveport police are saying very little, the video reveals much more about what led to the shooting of Jalecia Jennings.

The incident began after dark Sunday in the parking lot of the Union Masonic Temple in the 6500 block of Hearne Avenue.

The video shows dozens of young people in the parking lot.  And then a fight breaks out.

The fistfight appears to be between Jennings and another woman. After just a few seconds of punches, other women jump in to break it up.

About 20 seconds later, Jennings is standing by herself at the back of a white SUV.  The camera pans and a gunshot rings out. From there, chaos of people running and screaming.

KTBS showed the video to Pastor Kenneth Thompson, who mentors young people in Shreveport to avoid violence.

“And the young lady from what I saw, her back was turned,” Jennings said. “It doesn't matter if she has 50 children. ... She has a right to raise her children. They have a right to have their mother here. She still is loved by her family. ... It doesn't matter about. It did not warrant her losing her life.”

In the chaos there are several more gunshots. 

Shreveport police told KTBS Thursday that there is no new information to report and that investigators are working on it.

Thompson says more needs to be done to curb violence in Shreveport.

“This is not acceptable. It's not. We need to do something,” Thompson said.  “And I'm sending out a plea and a cry. Let's handle our differences better than this. Now some family is hurting over the loss of their child. Another family is hurting over the child who has to go to prison for doing this. This should not be. This is not the way that God intended for us to be on this earth.”

Sources tell KTBS that there was more than one person who fired shots. Police are still sorting all of that out.

Visitation is scheduled for Friday from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Precious Memories Mortuary Chapel on Greenwood Road. The funeral is Saturday at the Eden Worship Center on Fairy Avenue. The time has not yet been announced. 


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