shots fired

SHREVEPORT, La. -- They were the shots heard all around Shreveport. They put a man in the hospital, and sent at least one other man running for cover in a viral video.

Video from a home security camera was posted on Facebook. It shows a man in Highland, who wished not to be identified for our story, doing some gardening in his front yard Wednesday evening. Then a barrage of gunfire from at least two weapons is heard, and the startled and frightened man makes a run for his porch. The video was shared at least 90 times at last check.

A neighbor of the man in the video, Pam Garcia, says the shots came from down the block and around the corner in the area of Herndon and Coty.

"I thought I was going to have a stroke. I mean it scared me so bad," Garcia said. "We've heard, like, pops and that kind of thing. But never like that. It's just gotten really bad."

Garcia says more gunshots were heard in the same area around 1 a.m. Thursday.

She says the neighborhood has quickly gone downhill, with new people moving in around the block. She says it's coincided with a rise in theft, the smell of marijuana, and -- like Wednesday evening and early Thursday -- gunshots.

"We're frightened to be here anymore. We've been here for 20 years. We're scared to come out in our yard anymore," Garcia says.

A man who did not want to be identified, and who lives on Herndon near the area that witnesses say was targeted, told us, "We ain't doing no wrong. It's that people are coming over here drive by shooting and all that kind of stuff."

Garcia says that somehow the undermanned Shreveport Police Department needs to run more patrols in her neighborhood.

"Always loved living here because it's just quiet. But it's not anymore."

Police say the victim was shot in the leg and was driven to the hospital by private vehicle. They did not release his name or condition.

Police responded to the scene on Herndon to recover evidence. Witnesses said that evidence included lots of shell casings.


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