Jones Whitehorn

Current Chief Administrative Officer Sherricka Fields Jones (left) will shift to Chief Financial Officer, while Henry Whitehorn would fill the office of CAO, pending city council approval.

SHREVEPORT, La. -- The council won't vote whether to approve Henry Whitehorn as the city's new chief administrative officer until Tuesday. But that hasn't stopped Mayor Adrian Perkins from putting him to work at his $160,000 salary.

The mayor's spokesman says Whitehorn started work today in the position of chief of staff. Ben Riggs also says the mayor doesn't need council approval to add to his executive staff.

"Mr. Whitehorn is working alongside (current CAO) Sherricka Fields Jones to ensure a seamless transition and to familiarize himself with the concerns of employees and citizens," Riggs said in a written statement.

Riggs also notes that when Perkins nominated Whitehorn for CAO on Feb. 3, he said that Whitehorn would help the city in its transition to making him CAO, while Jones prepares to become chief financial officer.


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