Angie Rivera

Angie Rivera says she was about 20 parking spots away when a Bossier City Police officer got into a deadly struggle with a carjacking suspect outside the Century Link Center.

BOSSIER CITY, La. -- A woman who was buying concert tickets witnessed the deadly shooting by a Bossier City police officer Thursday outside the Century Link Center.

Angie Rivera says she saw the responding officer confront carjacking suspect, Jeremy Fox, 42, of Bossier City.

Rivera says of the officer, "He told him to stop, get on the ground, sprayed him with pepper spray, tackled him, everything that he could possibly do -- especially being the first on the scene -- to try to detain the suspect."

Rivera says she watched the suspect and officer wrestle on the ground before Fox was shot in the body.

"Seemed like minutes. I'm sure it was just a few seconds. Because my video was only for like a minute and 30 seconds long. Then a gunshot went off. They still wrestled after the gunshot for a moment," Rivera described.

Rivera says she turned her video over to investigators. But the video has now disappeared from her phone.

Rivera says Fox "did not seem like he was in his right mind," adding that he had stripped off his shirt despite the cold weather.

Rivera says she watched the deadly struggle from "about 20 parking spots away."


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