MINDEN, La. - A nine-year old from Minden is on track to become a national champion. He broke several records for his age group in weightlifting.

Tate Fegley is not your average nine-year old. He just may be one of the strongest 3rd graders in the country.

"I just loved just watching them work out and lifting the weights," he said.

And one of the youngest to break seven American records in weightlifting.

That includes a 92-pound bench press, 190 squat and a 230 dead lift. He also did it all in one day.

"I worked hard to do it," he said.

Fegley has only been training a year and a half.

He started in the summer, working out every morning at 7 am with his trainer, Peyton Gray.

"He works ridiculously hard and it's very motivating to see,” Gray said. “I think that's 99 percent of his progress is how hard this young man works."

His dad, Brint Fagley, says this was something Tate wanted to do.

"It was never about can we break records,” Brint Fagley said. “He started the process. He got better and all we did was encourage him."

Since then, he's progressed to a record-breaking champion.

Hoping to soon become a national champion.

"Trust the process," Tate said.

In august, Tate is heading to a national competition in Daytona Beach, Florida.


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