US Soccer Fan

A US Soccer fan shows her support.

SHREVEPORT, La. - After not having enough members to officially form by the 2010 FIFA Men's World Cup, the American Outlaws Shreveport-Bossier chapter came into being four years later with president Adam Hester leading the charge.

"Our chapter number is 146. We were the 146th official chapter of American Outlaws, which is pretty awesome when you think about it in a place like Shreveport getting kind of recognized for something like that."

Signing up in pretty east with dues coming in the form of ordering a tee-shirt and Hester says no matter the stakes they're always down to support the red, white and blue.

"You go to to sign up and you list Shreveport as your official chapter and you're one of us and we watch every game. Men's, women's, no matter how important it is - qualifier, friendly, World Cup - we're here."

Vice president Scott Lepley adds that it doesn't matter if you're an avid fan, it's always a good time.

"Obviously anytime there's a World Cup the crowd comes out in force, we're always holding it down at Rotolo's and so we got a few people asking us questions, kind of watching the game with us," Lepley explains. "I'll always invite my non-soccer watching friends to just come out and have a few drinks and enjoy the game. So I see it building.

"Obviously the World Cup never hurts, being in the final never hurts, but nobody hates rooting on their home country."

Supporter Wenona Jonker was in attendance for Sunday's final to cheer on her favorite players as they hoisted a fourth World Cup trophy.

"I think Megan Rapinoe is obviously like the spokesperson for the team right now. She's really beautiful and powerful. I think as a women watching the national team, the women's national team do as well as they have and as well as they're doing now is really great.

"I think Rose Lavelle is like the next Mia Hamm, like they're just really powerful players and that's really exciting."

As the game grows so does the support and Hester believes fandom in the ArkLaTex is here to stay.

"We've seen it here not only for the men's and women's national team. When we have events for the European championship, the Champions League, when we have Premier League events, more and more people are coming. More and more people are showing up with jerseys.

"I walk around town I see people wearing different jerseys of different club teams and we can go up and have a conversation with each other. It is so much more than it was at that 2010 men's World Cup. It's leaps and bounds, I think that's the best way to describe it."


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