Devin White

Devin White. (Courtesy: NFL/CBS)

TAMPA BAY - Of all the players celebrating the Bucs blowout of the Chiefs, none may have been happier than Springhill, La. product Devin White.

"Man we didn't take it personal, but it was just crazy to us that we was still underdogs. We defeated Drew Brees. We defeated Aaron Rodgers. He was like the MVP and we was still underdogs," an exasperated White said Sunday.

"We just wanted to win the Super Bowl. We ain't really care about what the media was saying because the media is not out there on the field. So like I said, man, we don't even keep score we just run that *expletive* up and leave."

His game-high 12 tackles and game-sealing interception paced a Bucs defense that kept the Chiefs out of the end zone for the first time all season and extracted some revenge from their Week 12 loss.

"We talked about beating them bad. We knew they wasn't physical enough. They're real gimmicky on offense and we don't play like that. We like smash mouth football. We like coming downhill and getting in them trenches. That's what we're built off. That's why were the number one rush defense in the league and that's why on the back end we strapped up. So we knew we wanted to blow them out."

White credits defensive coordinator Todd Bowles for coming up with the game plan to stop Kansas City and he was asked how big of a role that side of the ball played.

"It didn't seem like it, we was, we were, we is," White said while laughing. "You watched all the games. It's complementary football baby. It's complimentary football.

"They hold it down on their side. We hold it down on our side and at the end of the day we all got the same color jersey on. We all got the same letters on the front of our jersey and we play for one another, so man it don't matter who got the job done, who night it was, just know we came through to get a win. That's all that matters," he said.

This type of team success is the first for White in a long time.

"You know, I don't count the NFC championship because that's not the ultimate goal, but this is my first time since little league playing in the championship and I worked so hard. That's all I ever dreamed of.

"I always got a lot of individual awards, but that's not what I play for. I play to be the best in the world for my team to be the best in the world and I was just so thankful to be able to take the stage tonight. God was on our side man. We put in a lot of work. I'm just so thankful."

And in a back-and-forth with ESPN's Jenna Laine, a goal came up that White was able to accomplish at LSU.

"I need to ride my horse in the stadium with the trophy."


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