John Ware

North Webster head coach John Ware in 2016.

SPRINGHILL, La. - North Webster was following protocols for limited workouts, but head coach John Ware still had a positive test for one of his players.

"There's really not a lot you can do when it comes down to it. Either you stay home and do nothing - and that's about the only way that you can guarantee that nothing's going to happen - otherwise we had to step out there and give it a try and I think a lot of communities and areas right now are getting hit again, unfortunately."

The result came off-campus and the school was notified Wednesday last week. That's when the Webster Parish School Board shut down workouts for the Knights until July 6.

"Our school and our Parish went above and beyond the call of what we were supposed to do and we even did more. Like I said, there's really nothing you can do about it because the kids go home."

With a positive test during limited workouts, Ware is unsure of how it will be handled if it happens during the season.

"There's a lot of people smarter than me going to have to make a lot of decisions coming up here shortly. That's from (the) NFL all the way down to pee-wee football. Football's a game that's not like all the rest of them. You have to touch somebody," Ware explains.

"You're gonna be with your hands on somebody and you're going to be in close contact so it's definitely a lot of hard and tough decisions are going to have to be made based on the health and well-being of our student-athletes."

Ware says they're doing the best they can from a football perspective, but there are a lot of variables outside of their control.

"If there was an outbreak in the locker room or something like that then it would be a different story, but there's just no way of curtailing it. We can do the best we can do and keep it in one spot, but there's no way to prevent it, but keeping good records is a must, too."

With the season scheduled to start in September, Ware has a new perspective on the path forward.

"I'm real concerned for the season now and I wasn't two or three weeks ago, but I think these rural areas right now are getting hit a little bit more. You know, it was off somewhere else to begin with because I think we did a good job staying at home in the rural areas and you weren't around a whole lot of people, but now that everybody's back out, then you're going to see it spreading through those areas and that's a concern.

"When it starts it gets pretty rampant. Hopefully we can get back, but you know, we got a long way to go when it comes to all that, too."

The LHSAA allowed limited workouts to being June 8.


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