When Dak Prescott made the return to his hometown of Haughton, we sent our own Buccaneer, Sports Director Alex Anderson, to Harold E. Harlan field to chat with the NFL star.

Check out the video for the full interview.

Alex: "When you leave this camp, when you leave Haughton and go back to Dallas, what are some of the things you take with you? Is it a rejuvenating type of thing?"

Prescott: "100%. Anytime you get to do these camps, for one it's humbling, but two it's refreshing. It's refreshing, it allows you to see where you came from, and to see yourself as these kids from the oldest kid here to the youngest kid here. My dream has always been to be a quarterback in the NFL, to be a Dallas Cowboy quarterback. When I come here, I get that reflection. That reflection of when I was one of these kids playing on this field thinking about that and there's not better feeling than that."

Alex: "How important is this place to you and your family?"

Prescott: "This is where I fell in love with the game. I fell in love with the game watching my two older brothers play on Friday nights and itched and wished and hoped and couldn't wait for my chance to play. When that time came, being able to take advantage of it like I did and then ended up being able to further my career. It all began here. Without this field, without these coaches, the people of this town, just my background, the way I was brought up, I don't know if I'd be here."

Alex: "Things have really happened fast for you, man. You see the reports, the contract negotiations, the extension perhaps coming. For you, when you're thinking about that or maybe in some of those talks, do you take a minute to think, wow? It's crazy, it feels like just a few years ago you were out here playing on this field and now we're talking about maybe the highest paid quarterback in the league."

Prescott: "That's what this camp does, honestly. Because of all those things, I've been granted with an amazing platform. An amazing platform to be able to give back, to inspire, to tell my story. When you get that chance to do that, when you get that opportunity to do that, I'm just thankful. That makes me reflect and think about how big my platform is and all the things that come with it."

Alex: "Obviously, you've just done mini camps and OTAs, but you've got Kellen now as the offensive coordinator and Kitna as the quarterbacks coach, two guys that you shared a quarterback room with. How's that dynamic been working out for you?"

Prescott: "Honestly, it's been great. I'm not going to say better than I expected, but it exceeds, I guess, expectations to say the least. Kellen has been doing an amazing job. I know he's a football genius. He's one of those guys that we say just has it. Knows the game, knows the way the game used to be, knows where the game is going, and does a great job combining the two. The way Kitna is, just a guy that is so passionate about his job, passionate about making men better and making men get better at the quarterback position."

Alex: "How much has Dak Prescott the player changed?"

Prescott: "So much. The way I'm seeing the game now versus the way I saw it then. The way things are registering faster. The way I'm able to acknowledge it, see what the defense is doing, and attack them in the right spots. The way my game has matured from my footwork to my accuracy and everything. A bunch, a bunch and it's exciting to be where I am now. I'm so excited for the season."

Alex: "It's so nice to see you here smiling and happy, but you had a moment in your presser just talking about your mom. How proud do you think she is of everything that's going on here?"

Prescott: "It's hard to put into words how proud my mom would be.  Like I said, I know where my mom sat each and every game for ten-plus years watching my older brothers and then watching me play.  To think about her being out here watching this moment now, me being able to give back, these kids wearing my name on their shirts, and here because of me.  To me, it really says they are here because of her.  I think that says enough right there of the way she'd feel and how proud she'd be."


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