NEW ORLEANS — Louisiana will remain in Phase 2 of the coronavirus recovery for at least two more weeks.

Gov. John Bel Edwards announce the extension of his Phase 2 order on Wednesday during a news conference on Hurricane Laura.

"We’re basically going to be blind for this week because we’ll have to discontinue much of our community based testing," Edwards said. "This comes at a particularly bad time for us because it's 2-3 weeks since we resumed K-12 education and moved people onto college campuses. This is when you’d really want to see if we have increased cases."

Edwards noted that it will also be important to see how evacuations from Hurricane Laura could spread the virus in Louisiana.

"We don’t want a spike like we had during Memorial Day to happen while we are blind," he said. "The prudent thing is to go two more weeks and see where we are. Assuming we have the data necessary to go then."

He said he had a call with Dr. Deborah Birx from the White House COVID Task Force and that she encouraged him to stay in Phase 2 with the same restrictions on bars and a mandatory face mask order.


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