Satellite Image of Hurricane Sally on Monday Evening

Hurricane Sally continues slowly moving toward the upper gulf coast as of Monday evening.

Current Information about Hurricane Sally on Monday Evening

The intensity changed little since the afternoon.  Winds were at 100 mph with higher gusts.  Movement was a 3 mph drift to the northwest.

Tropical Storm and Hurricane Warnings Issued by the National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Warnings were extended east from Grand Isle, Louisiana to near Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

National Hurricane Center Forecast for Hurricane Sally late Monday Evening

The updated National Hurricane Center forecast had much uncertainty as shown by the white shading.  This area represents the directional forecast accuracy over the last 5 years where the storms were roughly 60% of the time.  This cone of uncertainty stretches from New Orleans to Pensacola with a later landfall around sunrise on Wednesday.

Follow Sally with the KTBS 3 Hurricane Tracker.

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