Cirro-Stratus Clouds in Hawkins, Texas from Leslie Smith

HAWKINS, Tx. - KTBS 3 Weather Watcher, Leslie Smith who resides in Hawkins, Texas sent this picture of the sky at sunrise on Tuesday morning.

Water Vapor Image of High Clouds from Tuesday Morning

The clouds were at 25,000 Feet and streaming in from the southwest ahead of a passing weather disturbance.

The red hue was from the longest wavelengths of light reaching Hawkins from across the world.  The shorter ones were reflected away in the southern hemisphere.

Winter Solstice

This was due to the earth tilting farther away from the sun as the northern hemisphere heads toward Winter.  We are just 5-1/2 weeks away from the Winter Solstice...Tuesday, December 21st at 9:58 a.m. CST.


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