Three storms in the Atlantic Basin on 9/17/19

Three storms are pounding the tropics Tuesday evening.

Radar Image of Imelda over Houston

Once tropical storm Imelda is now a depression dumping rain over Houston.

Imelda's Currents

The National Hurricane Center says Imelda's winds are 35 mph.  Movement is north at 6 mph.

Imelda's Forecast

The forecast takes it into north Texas in by the latter part of the week.

Hurricane Humberto

Humberto is now a major hurricane bearing down on the tiny island of Bermuda in the central Atlantic.

Humberto Currents

Winds are 115 mph.  The storm is moving east/northeast at 12 mph.  A Hurricane Warning is in effect.

Humberto Forecast

The forecast calls for Humberto to skirt the island by tomorrow as a major hurricane.

Tropical Depression #10

Finally, in the central Atlantic, Tropical Depression #10 is lurking.

Tropical Depression #10 Currents

Winds are at 35 mph with the storm moving west/northwest.

Tropical Depression #10 Forecast

The forecast keeps it on the same path with a gradual increase in intensity.

Follow the tropics with the KTBS 3 Hurricane Tracker.  Also, watch our 24 Hour Weather Channel for the Tropical Report.


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