Facebook Photo from earlier today taken by Kristi Nobles

SHREVEPORT, La. - This picture taken by Kristi Nobles on Facebook at about 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon shows what looks like a funnel cloud or even a tornado in downtown, Shreveport!

Dual Pol Doppler Radar Image from about 1 p.m. Thursday from the National Weather Service

But, checking the Dual Pol Doppler Radar at the Shreveport National Weather Service, the reflectivity showed nothing.  The nearest downpour was over 20 miles away in Haughton.

Dual Pol Doppler Radar Relative Velocity Image from about 1 p.m. Thursday

Even the storm relative velocity didn't show any rotation.

Midday Observation for Shreveport

The observation from the Regional Airport indicated a thunderstorm well to the east.  The lowest cloud deck over the city was at 900 FT.

J. Lamar Stall Power Plant on Common Street northwest of downtown Shreveport

It appears that the funnel was the condensation plume from the J. Lamar Stall Power Plant off Common street rising up into the stratus cloud deck.  It was dark colored because there wasn't much sunlight making it through the clouds.

Thanks for checking Kristi.

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