TS Barry 1pm Saturday track

NEW ORLEANS, La. - Barry has made landfall in Louisiana and has weakened to a tropical storm.

The National Hurricane Center says the storm arrived on land Saturday afternoon near Intracoastal City.

The center is warning of dangerous storm surge, heavy rains and strong winds.

National Hurricane Center director Ken Graham said that Barry had gathered "a big slough of moisture" and was expected to dump rain on the area throughout the weekend.

The heaviest rains on land from lopsided Hurricane Barry have hit coastal Alabama and Mississippi the hardest.

Dauphin Island Mayor Jeff Collier said Saturday that parts of his barrier island in Alabama are flooded from both the driving rain early Saturday and surging water from the Gulf of Mexico.

Collier was driving around in a Humvee to survey the damage. He said the island still has power and wind damage was minimal.

The Category 1 hurricane was nearing shore some 200 miles (320 kilometers) from Dauphin Island, but Collier says the island often sees impacts from storms far away.


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