Barry rescue

FRANKLIN, La. - Caddo deputies, Bossier deputies, and Shreveport firefighters are answering calls for help in the wake of Tropical Storm Barry.

The team from northwest Louisiana spent the night in Franklin which is about 40 miles south of Lafayette.

Deputies tell KTBS 3 there were only a few calls for service and no injuries.

Bossier deputies were sent to a high water rescue call.

When they got to the address, the people living there said they didn't need to be rescued.

"We got to a spot where we were starting to float a little bit and I wasn't comfortable with that so we stopped a bit. We didn't have very far to go so we decided to drive the rest of the way. We made it to the house, and they just didn't want to come out," Dep. Steve Dooley of the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office said.

The deputies told KTBS that floodwaters in the area dropped significantly throughout the evening.


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