barry arrival time

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - A hurricane warning remains in effect along the Louisiana coast, and forecasters said the storm could make landfall as a hurricane by early Saturday.

Barry could bring more than a foot and a half inches of rain to parts of the state as it moves slowly inland.

NHC rainfall

Meanwhile, New Orleans residents are warily watching the levees that protect their city from a swollen Mississippi River.

Never in the modern history of New Orleans has water from the Mississippi River overtopped the city's levees. That could change this weekend if it turns out forecasters are underestimating the storm's flooding threat.

Barry cone 8

On Thursday, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers models weren't calling for water from the river to rise above New Orleans' levees. However, Corps spokesman Ricky Boyett said the height of the river levees remains the Corps' greatest concern with this storm, which could dump 10 to 15 inches of rain on New Orleans through Sunday.


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