Sunshine near Ringgold on Thursday (photo courtesy of Michelle Gullette)

SHREVEPORT, La. - The KTBS 3 Weather Watchers had the task of measuring very warm temperatures Thursday afternoon.  Some had readings in the 90s!  Average this time of year is close to 70 degrees.

Here are their reports:

Northern ArkLaTex Weather Watcher Reports

Over northern sections, both Tommy Lowe in Fulton, AR and Jason Patterson in Atlanta, TX recorded summer-like heat in the 90s.

Central ArkLaTex Weather Watcher Reports

Lenny Vowell in Karnack, TX registered the warmest reading with 95 today.  Edwin Christian in Crossroads, TX and Leslie Smith in Minden were just a few degrees behind.

Metro ArkLaTex Weather Watcher Reports

Metro temperatures were near the 90 degree mark including Gale Bruner in Koran with 89.  It's great to Gale her back after her recent surgery!

South ArkLaTex Weather Watcher Reports

Michelle Gullette had top honors south of I-20 with 91 this afternoon.  Not far off that mark were Jerry Dupont in Many, LA and Barry Howard in Clarence, LA.  Even John Henry reported a high 14 degrees above average in Coushatta.

Thanks weather watchers for your service.

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